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Appendix IV from “Who Really Wrote the Book of Enoch?
A Chronological Book of Enoch
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“Time-Capsule to the Last Generation”

The fact the Book of Enoch is a compilation of five separate books, means it cannot be read from beginning to end as a chronology of the events it recounts. Add to this that the book employs a number of literary devices such as the use of flashbacks, time-compression and the retelling of events and the reader is faced with a real challenge in understanding the sequence of events of the book.

Nevertheless, it is possible to rearrange the book’s contents in order to recreate a chronology of the events it relates. Here is one possible reordering of the Book of Enoch in chronological order.

The years indicated below are a possible reconstruction of the Book of Enoch’s timeline when taken in the context of the relative dates in Genesis 5. The dates below are listed in terms of the approximate years before the flood of Noah’s day.

Years Before the FloodEventEnoch Passage
1,050 or soThe Descent of the WatchersEnoch 6:1-7:2
1,050 until FloodThe Demoralization of Mankind7:3-8:4
1,030Birth of EnochGenesis 5
650Enoch receives 2 dream-visions before being called83:1-90:42
671Enoch’s call to ministry12:1-6
671Enoch’s first address to the Watchers13:1-3
671Enoch sent to deliver the Watcher’s petition to God13:4-6
671Enoch receives God’s response in a dream-vision13:7-10
671Enoch receives the Geocentric Calendar Book33:2-4, 72:1-81:4
671Enoch’s second address to the Watchers14:1-36:4
670Enoch given one year to wrap up his affairs81:5-10
670Enoch gives charge to Methuselah82:1-20
670Enoch gives charge to his family91:1-105:2, 108:1-15
670Enoch recaps his taking up his oracle1:1-3
670Enoch summarizes the burden of his message2:1-5:9
670Enoch receives another dream-vision37:1-59:3
669Enoch is translated70:1-4
600The Uncanny birth of Noah106:1-107:3
120The holy angels entreat God to act9:1-11
120God commands the preparation of Noah’s ark10:1-3
120God commands the binding of Azazel10:4-8
120 until floodThe Nephilim judged by war10:9-10
2Noah visits heaven71:1-17
2Noah receives the Book of the Parables from Enoch68:01:00
1Noah completes the Book of the Parables60:1-69:29
1Death of MethuselahGenesis 5
1Noah Acquires Enoch’s books60:1-69:29
0The remaining Watchers are bound10:11-16
0Noah’s family enters ark, the flood arrivesGenesis 6
?The Second Coming of Christ1:3-9
?The Messianic kingdom10:17-11:2